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This article describes features, improvements and fixes which are available in the UCP Patch.


Main featuresEdit

World Cup modeEdit

In the World Cup mode you can select one of 32 National Teams and And lead it to winning the most prestigious cup in the world of football - the World Cup.

In this mode the game starts in June of 2022. You can optionally setup groups and your team roster.

Team ControlEdit

Team Control was a special mode in FIFA Manager 11 which gave a user control of his team in 3D match. The UCP Patch brings this mode back to the game.

It is possible to control the team with both keyboard and joypad. There's an option to enable manual player switch (it disables automatic player switch, so you will control selected player until you switch it).

Windowed ModeEdit

Now it's possible to run a game in the window without any restrictions. You can move the window, resize it and freely control it with mouse pointer. It's possible to change the initial position of the window - it can be placed at the center, at the top left corner or on the left screen side ("Default" position).

It's also possible to switch between in-game mouse pointer and Windows mouse pointer. So with this, it's possible to control the game freely within TeamViewer (speaking further, now it's possible to play Co-Op career with remote control without any problems).

And now, when the windowed mode became more enhanced, we can provide a new way to import graphics into the game - just by dragging images into the game's window! It's as simple as it can be - just open a page of player/staff/manager/club/league and drag some image into the window!

3D-kits and kit extensionsEdit

A new configuration file for custom kits is added - so now it's not needed to use fifa.db for kits parameters.

Now it's possible to create custom captain's armbands. Also it's now easier to add custom jersey numbers.

Now it's possible to add custom goalkeeper kits. New referee kits are also present in the Patch. Special kits are used for EPL, EFL leagues and FA Cup.

You can read more about kits configuration here.


Custom minikits are now displayed on club info screen and in kit sales screen.

It's also possible to add user minikits (read more here).


Different competitions now use unique balls in 3D match.

Parameter files updateEdit

Parameter files in UCP Patch are placed in "ParameterFiles" folder and saved as simple text files - so it's easier to edit them now. There are many changes were made in Parameter Files, including:

  • Better player development
  • Adjusted player market values and salaries
  • Better club budget redistribution
  • Market pool values update
  • Players get tired faster, so the squad will be rotated more often

International and continental competitions updateEdit

The UCP Patch brings all main continental and international competitions.

Continental club competitions

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • UEFA European SuperCup
  • UEFA Youth League
  • CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores
  • CONMEBOL Copa Sudamericana
  • CONMEBOL Recopa Sudamericana
  • CONMEBOL U-20 Copa Libertadores
  • CONCACAF Champions League
  • CONCACAF League
  • CONCACAF Leagues Cup
  • CFU Club Championship
  • Total CAF Champions League
  • Total CAF Confederation Cup
  • Total CAF Super Cup
  • AFC Champions League
  • AFC Cup
  • OFC Champions League

World club competitions

  • FIFA World Club Championship
  • Campeones Cup
  • Arab Club Champions Cup
  • J League Cup / Copa Sudamericana Championship Final

International competitions

  • FIFA World Cup
  • FIFA World Cup Qualification - all continents
  • FIFA U-20 World Cup
  • FIFA U-20 World Cup Qualification - all continents
  • UEFA European Championship
  • UEFA European Championship Qualification
  • UEFA Nations League Qualification
  • UEFA Nations League Finals
  • CONMEBOL Copa America
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup
  • CONCACAF Nations League Qualification
  • CONCACAF Nations League Finals
  • CAF African Cup of Nations
  • CAF African Cup of Nations Qualification
  • AFC Asian Cup
  • AFC Asian Cup Qualification
  • OFC Nations Cup

New competitions will be also present in stats screens and in the sticker album.

UEFA Champions League format was updated with current rules:

  • One country can't represent more than 5 teams in the tournament
  • If a team qualified to the tournament as previous year CL or EL winner, no additional team from this team's country will be added
  • First pot in groups drawing contains CL and EL winners with 6 top leagues winners

The "International participants" screen now can be displayed for all continents (if a manager plays not in Europe).

International Champions CupEdit

International Champions Cup is a new pre-season tournament where best teams in the world are met. Each team will play 3 matches plus possible 4th final match. Best team on the tournament may earn a solid money prize. The tournament is friendly and AI managers will rotate the squad.

Domestic leagues play-off and league splitEdit

In the UCP Patch there are many new play-off systems implemented (relegation/promotion rounds).

Play-off systems in England, Spain, and Scotland were updated with current rules.

In Germany, a new play-off system for 2019/2020 season is crated: there are 2 groups with 3 teams for Regionalliga Nord and Regionalliga Südwest promotion; Promotion to the 3. Liga is different in odd and even years.

In USA, an MLS Cup with West/East conference and play-off was implemented (as close as possible to real-life rules).

And finally, there are many leagues where two-phased format is implemented (the league splits into championship and relegation groups).

You can find a detailed list with leagues here.

Editing filesEdit

The UCP Patch brings a new way to edit the database - by using text files with special commands inside them. This way it's possible to change country, club and player attributes - like club budget and player talent. Read more about this here.


The UCP Patch brings 64 new formations to the game. Those are different variations of tactics with 3, 4 and 5 defenders. AI teams will be able to use all these formations too. Additionally, AI teams will now tend to use manager's preferred formation.


UCP database contains 290 leagues, 8900 clubs and more than 120,000 players.

Two new countries were added to the database: Kosovo, New Caledonia.

History files updateEdit

Update history for all international competitions, all continental competitions and domestic competitions (leagues, cups) in 30 countries.


The UCP Patch includes many graphical changes and updates, including:

  • Club and league badges
  • Player, staff and referee portraits
  • Trophy pictures
  • Tickets
  • Loading screens
  • Cup drawing screens
  • City and stadium pictures
  • Matchday backgrounds

TV Pop-UpsEdit

TV Pop-Ups now include team colors, aggregate result (for 2-leg cup games). Additionally, an added time now can be displayed separately from the match time.

The UCP Patch includes TV Pop-Ups for following competitions:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • English Premier-League
  • Spanish LaLiga
  • Spanish Segunda
  • Italian Serie A
  • German Bundesliga 1
  • German Bundesliga 2
  • German DFB Pokal
  • French Ligue 1
  • Russian Premier-League

Game improvementsEdit

  • Added a possibility to replace files inside zdata archives with external files. Replacement files must be placed in "data/zdata" folder (the folder must be created if it doesn't exist)
  • A message box is now displayed when an unhandled exception happens in the game process
  • Added a possibility to add female staff members to the game; there's also a mechanism to prevent regens with female names
  • The list of today's birthdays on the website now contains 10 top of possible players
  • An ability to choose any country (national team) to manage at game start
  • Unlocked game awards and achievements
  • Changed the date of "The Best" award ceremony
  • Better distribution of teams on regional league levels (more chance for the team to drop into the correct league)
  • Actual managers and staff members for national teams
  • Changed wingers scoring parameters (left and right wingers (LW/RW) now will score more goals in average)
  • Loans limit (3 loaned players in original game) is now increased to 100 loaned players
  • An ability to increase player salaries when you own the club is now enabled
  • Increased the age range for staff market search
  • Reserve teams do not take part in the cup anymore
  • Unique names for reserve teams
  • Players now have personalized look in 3D match - short/long sleeves, low/normal/high socks, accessories (everything is also configurable)
  • Staff members and managers now can use nicknames
  • Changed some weather effects (like a rain will be more visible now)
  • Dynamic pitch wear level (depends on stadium development)
  • Pitch pattern type now can be changed individually for clubs in a special config file
  • Added an option to disable resource path caching (so 2D-graphics like club badges and player pictures can be replaced without the game re-start)
  • Domestic cup runner-ups won't have an ability to enter Europa League; if the cup winner already plays in some European cup (EL/CL), then the next team in the league table will qualify to Europa League.
  • First and second continental cups on all continents now are selectable in "Matches to watch" in Videotext Mode
  • Added a new type of "Matches to watch" in 3D - "All matches"; Now it's possible to view any match in 3D, including youth teams matches
  • The simulation screen now shows continental cups winners from the continent where the human-manager's club plays
  • Player names on jerseys are hidden in friendly and youth matches
  • Updated the list of EU countries (Croatia is now a EU member)
  • Updated derbies list
  • Players who played in CL or EL in first half of season and who was transferred to other team now can be registered for both CL/EL for the second season half
  • Stadium environment now depends on team settlement, landscape and country

Fixed bugs of original gameEdit

  • Fixed the end-season crash (30 June crash; related to player loans)
  • Fixed a crash in all-time league table stats screen
  • Fixed a crash related to league spectators calculation after 10 league matches
  • Fixed a crash inside GfxCore library, related to fonts
  • National team budgets are now recalculated before every season, so the NT budget won't go down to 0. Also, now all National teams have a budget (even if they don't have any staff member).
  • Added an another nomination day in Spain at the end of Transfer window.
  • The semi-final match of Europa League is now displayed properly on Former Cup Opponents screen
  • Fixed a bug related to international competitions when international matches were not simulated if the game starts in an odd year.
  • Removed a foreigners limit in Turkey which caused many matches to end with technical win or incorrect result.
  • Fixed goals and assists counting for player stats in international matches
  • Fixed a bug when goals in youth competitions were counted in player's National Team stats
  • Fixed a bug in 3d match when jersey number colors were incorrectly set
  • Fixed a bug when wrong clubs were displayed in player's history
  • Fixed incorrect counting of standing places on some stadiums in Germany
  • Changed the date of European Championship and World Cup squad registration, so the bug when top players can't play in the Champions League final won't happen anymore

Other changesEdit

  • New camera (angle and scaling) for 3D player pictures
  • Changed default recommended leagues at game start
  • The last scouting system is now not free
  • The Fariness Award screen was removed

Untested/unfinished changesEdit

  • Removed the master.dat 64-megabytes limit; this, potentially, gives an ability to create a database of any size.

Editor improvementsEdit

  • Chief Executives in English clubs are now written to the game database
  • More options added for lowest-leagues configuration for clubs: now it's possible to add leagues from different league levels
  • ScriptStudio scripts can be used to replace original country scripts

Editor bug fixesEdit

  • Generated Club in-game IDs are now strictly depend on club's position in the league table; this prevents a bug when wrong clubs are displayed in player's history

Untested/unfinished Editor changesEdit

  • Now it's possible to set 6-star player talent